Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a delightful class. The children are so sweet and attentive. They are following the routine well, and learning the preschool rules (BE CLEAN, BE NICE, BE SAFE). They are all very eager helpers and learned the story of the Little Red Hen very well. I hope they were able to remember the story well enough to use their puppets to tell it to you. We've started working on writing our names, have done some basic assessments, made a class book to read at school with pictures of all our preschool friends. We learned about good manners and recited a poem. (Thanks Ms. Karma).

We say 'Thank-you'; we say 'Please'.

We don't interrupt or tease.

We don't argue; we don't fuss.

We listen when folks talk to us.

We share our toys, and take our turns.

Good manners aren't too hard to learn.

It's really easy when you find

Politeness just means being kind.

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