Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am Thankful

We talked about the reason for Thanksgiving and read a book about many things that make us happy or thankful. The kids then shared the things that they are thankful for or that make them feel happy. (Some of them "borrowed" lines from the book)

Caitlin - my eyes to help me see
Emma - toes that are ticklish
Savannah - for my house and for driving in the car
Garrett - the whole world
Sarah - my house
Sam - my bed
Lawson - Mom and Dad
Felicity - my bed

Ridge - my family
Landon - Mom & Dad
Mallory - for Dad bringing us chocolate
Mikinley - laughing with friends, and watching movies
Ashley - summer days and winter days and trees and animal and lots more
Rachel - hot chocolate on rainy days
Carter - playing with my friend
Oliver - Mom & Dad and hot chocolate

Miss Pam - I am thankful for the amazing children I get to teach and for the love of my family

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